Anonymous: 1)Do you consider yourself mentally older/younger than your age? 2)Do you ever get obsessive about anything? 3)Biggest pet peeve in people. Howzzat!

1) I like to think I’m mentally older than my age (at times).

2) I get obsessive over my grades but I can’t think of anything that I really go crazy over…

3) People that can’t realize when they’ve done something wrong. I hate it when people always think they’re right and they don’t even take time to reflect on their actions.

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Hi. Come buy a samosa from me.

That awkward moment when lady talking about free HIV testing offers you free condoms, but you say no because you’re single and haven’t gotten any action in over a year.


While travelling across Europe, a Romanian host of mine had a cat too beautiful not to share. This is Teemo

The worst thing about being up so late is that there is never anyone to talk to. You’re just alone with your thoughts.


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Anonymous: I though you had a gf :o

We broke up