I’ve actually had a really good day. Someone ask me stuff, I’ll answer it!

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Whenever I get into a bad situation in life I always try to take a step back and analyze what I could’ve done better for the future. It always helps me improve myself as a person.


Wake me up when the semester ends

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Anonymous: Why don't you wanna sleep? Lol

Don’t feel like itttttttt

Anonymous: biggest turnon?

A cute girl that can dance.

Anonymous: First thing that grabs your attention when you see a girl.

Hair/smile/their outfit.

muneebb: what advice would you give 17 year old you

Study hard in school, don’t worry about chasing girls too much, be nice to your parents.

Anonymous: How was your day? :)

Pretty good. Got some work done and just hung out. :)

I don’t wanna sleep. Someone ask me shit. I’LL ANSWER EVERYTHANG