I got so bored I started playing that Kardashian game LMFAO

If I could offer one small piece of advice to current students in high school it would be to study and work hard. Your only obligations as a teenager are to study and to enjoy life, but don’t neglect the studying part. Trust me, when you start applying to college and you see how much money your parents are shelling out for you to attend school… you’ll understand why you should have worked harder. College tuition is probably the 3rd most expensive thing your parents will ever invest in (aside from house/cars), it’s expensive. Working diligently and committing yourself to extra curricular activities will easily get you scholarship money to several universities. If I truly understood that concept when I was in high school I would’ve done everything I could have to save my parents a dime when paying for college. Especially for those who have older siblings, your parents sacrifice so much just to put their kids through further education, the least you can do is to do your only job which is to study/work hard. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t have fun and go out with friends, etc. Just learn the balance between work and play. The quicker you learn how to maintain that balance the more successful you will be. I promise you that.

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lacrosse started so I haven’t slept in ages

damnnn lemme holla at you 

Time to go out. Have a nice Friday night 😘
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Yes Zayn.
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my unalome tattoo :)
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My dad just paid my bill for fall semester. Damn, that just motivated to work 3000x harder now. I hate how much my parents have to sacrifice for me and my siblings. 

I feel like I’ve just gotten so bad at dancing compared to lots of my friends. I need to find that spark of inspiration and continue growing again. Ugh.


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Storm [via/more] By Gold Mask

Regardless of when Eid is for you this year…. Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim followers! :)

I apologize waaaay too much. I’m always saying sorry for no reason. You could bump into me and I would probably say sorry for being in your way.